Tips for CEOs Looking to Expand their Knowledge of Cybersecurity

The CEO is responsible for everything his company does or fails to do, and a good one knows exactly what’s going on at every level of the business.

When it comes to cybersecurity, many CEOs feel they lack sufficient knowledge or experience, so they elect to remain hands-off. They pass the task on to a group of (hopefully) well-trained and experienced cybersecurity experts.

With 90 percent of companies admitting they’ve suffered at least one cyberattack, sitting back and avoiding the topic is not a suitable solution or strategy for CEOs hoping to keep their technology — not to mention their customers’ information — safe.

How can CEOs go about understanding cybersecurity and boosting their companies’ defenses — especially if they’ve been avoiding it for a while? Click here to read Pete Metzger’s tips for CEOs with limited cybersecurity knowledge.

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