DHR International completes search for CEO, Wabash Valley Power Association

Global executive search firm DHR International is pleased to announce the successful placement of Jay Bartlett as chief executive officer for Wabash Valley Power Association. The search was completed by Partner Chris Guiney.

Mr. Guiney said the WVPA showed great vision in their effort to find a new CEO. “Too often, searches in the electric cooperative space are just a re-hash of the same CEO candidates who are eager to make a move. WVPA chose to employ a highly consultative, multi-dimensional approach that leveraged a deep fit assessment methodology that ensured they had an exceptional candidate pool. Thanks to this process, WVPA ultimately found a CEO who will undoubtedly lead the company into the future.”

“Now more than ever, the energy, power & utilities sector is challenged with a serious talent shortage. The industry continues to suffer from an aging executive pool while the flow of bright new talent has been waning for years,” said Mr. Guiney. “The resulting decline in ‘ready now’ candidates creates a serious problem for the industry just as it is in its greatest time of complexity with the evolution of technology, aging infrastructure and depressed gas prices.”

About Jay:
Prior to joining Wabash Valley Power Association, Jay served as the the president and CEO of Prairie Power Inc., an electric generation and transmission cooperative in Springfield, IL. Before that, he served as assistant general manager and chief utilities engineer of City Water, Light and Power. He currently serves on the board of directors for Alliance for Cooperative Energy Services (ACES) and the National Renewables Cooperative Organization (NRCO).

About Wabash Valley Power Association:
Wabash Valley Power Association is an electric generation and transmission cooperative headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. The company provides wholesale power to 24 distribution cooperatives in Illinois, Indiana, and Missouri that reach over 350,000 businesses and residences. http://www.wvpa.com/


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