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Is traditional marketing dead – or just developing new traditions?

This new thought piece “Is traditional marketing dead – or just developing new traditions?” by Carlos Cata examines which tools and techniques have advanced in the past few decades; how chief marketing officers define the new model of marketing; how they’ve worked to execute it and what skills marketing professionals should possess to see success in today’s environment—and remain effective in the future.

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Asia and the Analytics Conundrum

While historically analytics was consigned to the metaphorical fireplace in an organisation, to be acknowledged and occasionally fed but largely ignored, today the story is much evolved. The vast amounts of data being produced in ever greater amounts has led to a renewed interest in making sense of this information treasure trove, and successfully unlocking its secrets can be a tremendous boon to businesses. And there is never a better time to be an analyst. Read more in our thought leadership piece “Asia and the Analytics Conundrum.“

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How do the roles of supervisory boards in US healthcare differ to that in Europe?

According to a recent study, Supervisory boards in German healthcare have a clearly defined role; decisive in special or critical situations but heavily involved in day to day decisions of strategic importance. The study also finds that the relation of the supervisory boards to organisational leadership is characterized by unbureaucratic cooperation and mutual trust: In short, the board does the work – the Supervisory Board leads the way. These findings were based on in-depth interviews with 26 supervisory boards in Germany, mostly from university and municipal clinics, exploring the boards responsibilities, their relation to organisational leadership and their acceptance and…

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